Sunday, June 27, 2010

Am I Not Human: The Making of Girl Child Soldiers

The systematic dehumanization the world over has targeted its efforts heavily on females, including child females, who have been subjected to rape, forced witness of the murders of their loved ones, and forced service in para-military operations, often funded by Western interests who benefit from the creation of in-fighting in lands with resources desired. Liberia being just one of them.

I offer the following video in the spirit of humanity, as well in caution. Without unity, and the building of better systems for 'the common people', this could take place anywhere in the world. Our 'leaders' have proven repeatedly that there is no true care in Western governments for its people, the natural world, or anything outside of profit and their profit-sharing corporate friends. It is beyond time to wake up as global people, and especially those amongst us with means to make a differnce and raise awareness. We can not turn away from what is happening to our children, our sisters, or our brothers the world over in redeveloping countries, anymore than we can ignore what is happening on the soil we currently reside on. We *are* one, regardless of the illusions that would suggest we're somehow 'safe'.

The destruction of senseless wars has struck peoples in the redeveloping world, in the middle of the night oftentimes, when the people are most vulnerable, without warning, leaving children parentless, and without protection or resources; reducing them to prey for soulless predators who would make soldiers of them.

'Sometimes we had no food, so we'd look for potato leaves in the bush.'
- Mamie, a girl child forced to aid soldiers and endure repeated rape.

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If you haven't added your signature to the Child Soldier Prevention Act (S. 1175), please do so now:

Thankyou for your consideration.

On behalf of our siblings who have been robbed of their innocence, and all that matters most. I ask:


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