Tuesday, June 22, 2010

#Dreamvision 621- In retrospect


This dreamvision event's led me to deeper consideration of evolution, communal and unconsciously perhaps; personal. I began to think of victim/need complexes and the tendency of the abused or oppressed to unconsciously seek or allow others of predatory dispositions to siphon their energy.

Breaking the patterns that cause our denial of liberation and full-being are, I think, a huge piece of the WorldPeace equation. Self loathe produces two kinds of mutations: Victim and Abuser, or vice-versa. Both undo self and other.
Our dreamvision should always include willingness to experience the good at the root of our experiences.

For the 621-dreamvision I focused my intentional dreaming on a world full of evolved glowing crowns successfully calling upon their corruption-vanquishing innerspatial might.

Remembering we're works in progress relaxes the 'perfectionist' perspective that fuels the illusion of defeat.

More intel to come on the next Dreamvision date collaborators decide upon.
Also check the link Golden Em dropped in the comments http://bit.ly/dcibg3 for more vibration-raising efforts to participate-in/collaborate with.

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