Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Governments Investing In Synthetic Telepathy *sigh


Researchers have been given a green light for a grant that funds the development of a communication system that plugs into thoughts. This is of course being looked at for military applications, but there is also the claim that it's being looked into for medical and commercial purposes. The system is a brain-computer interface that utilizes noninvasive brain imaging technology such as electroenchephalography that auds the passing of thoughtd from one person to another. It would allow a soldier to think his message and transmit it through a speech recognition system that decodes the EEG signals into translated brainwaves that it points to the designated recipient.

The system is said to be one that would require intensive training for anyone interesting in utilizing it to send and receive messages, but how comfortable are you with the idea that the military is developing thought reading and sending technology?

Creepy. Telepathy should develop naturally.

*note: I posted this awhile back blogging for Liberator, but it slipped my mind to post here. Enjoy.

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WWW.ELEMAN.SE ---> A Swedish site on the subject, more translated documents etc are coming soon. You can also try using google's translator.