Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Needed Direction In Anime

I've commented in past entries on how disturbed I am by the distinct lack of diversity in anime. Anime characters barely resemble Asian likenesses if at all, though the genre emerged from Asian culture, and the few folks with high melanin content that appear in anime have either been made into violent, malevolent, or under-featured characters.

It is with extreme relief I stumbled upon this video via the majesty of C'BS Alife Allah's BlueBlack Atlantis site. I'm currently on a quest to round up all fam in alternative/conscious media for underrepresented cultures for presentation to the public in a grouping (this has been the purpose of the Conscious Ink site for artists), even if only as a grouping of links at so we're not so scattered and difficult to find--- hit the email up if you have intel *_^) This is what I mean when we say we need ConsciousInk for underrepresented cultures (it starts by creating your own positive images):

Creator Cailloux Williams' site for Ancients&Immortals is
It's under re-construction, but will hopefully be up again soon.

For those who aren't familiar with,
peep Brothah Samax Amen's guruness, and magazine.

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