Saturday, December 27, 2008

Obama, Will Mumia Recieve a Pardon?

I agree that one of the crucial moves Obama needs to make as an act of change, is free political prisoners, who were either set-up, or imprisoned on trumped up charges for being active freedom fighters working to liberate the Black community from the grip of the White Supremacist system.

At the top of that Pardon list would be Mumia Abu Jamal, the San Francisco 8, and there needs to be an undelayed closing of Guantanamo and other sites like it.
It is not, however, limited to this.
There is much house cleaning needed that must call for the imprisoning of the true criminals, no matter the size of their bank accounts or their range of influence amongst the corrupt in the "elite".

I agree with others who have expressed the sentiment that it will be a true test
of Obama's sincerity, resolve, and intention in the seat of American power.

Thankyou to the writer that contacted Liberator Magazine to raise the question about Obama pardoning Mumia. This is exactly the dialogue we need to be engaged in with one another and the President elect.


SjP said...

I think - or at least I pray - that Obama will do the right thing as it relates to Mumia.

PurpleZoe said...

I hope he does.
Thanks for stopping through and sharing your voice on that.

How are things in your blog dimension, Sojourner?