Monday, December 15, 2008

Budding Indies: Femi, Wafeek, D.Julien, Feral Children and Iman Williams

The underground is an overflowing pool of talent, genius, and at minimal interesting perspectives. When indies are budding there is often a raw, honest expression and packaging that allows you to see the talent without the glitter, and excessive tweaking that branding often calls for.

We hope to bring you more budding indies as we come across them and as they mail bios/links for their works to our mailbox: purplemag at or theultravioletunderground at

Let us know what you think of the indies featured below,
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Here's a brief peek at the vibe Femi brings to the underground:

Visit her online dimension here:


Wafeek- I'ma Learn Ya

warning: a brief patch of graphic language not suitable for the kids is featured in the song.


Grazi to OKP for the intel.


Talented emcees are rare. Talented emcees that spit intelligently are blessed vessels for mind expansion. D.Julien is among the latter, traveling as a nomad in the independent soundsphere, peddling gems that few can still recognize while so many have fallen under the commercialized trance that removes the verb 'think' from average response to stimuli.

Here's a clip:
warning: colorful language- not for the youth towards the end.

You can peek into his mindspace and see for yourself:

Feral Children

Enjoy a clever video for 'Spy/GlassHouse'
(Click the banner to purchase the album)

Visit their online dimension:

Iman Williams

Enjoy watching Iman Williams bloom in the underground.
Peep the vid below, and enjoy her EP which is currently available as a free download.

The complimentary download is here.

Visit one of her online dimensions here:

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