Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Indiefied: BlkJks

Linda and Mpumi of Blk Jks experienced the jones for music early in life. Growing up on the same block in Johannesburg, they taught themselves to strum the guitar and eventually formed the arms and head of Blk Jks in 2000, incorporating head nod beats and guitar drones into their early shows with Soweto musicians Molefi signing onto bass and Tshepang taking control of the drums to create a truly signature sound. As their acoustic magik was spread across the land, a loyal following emerged with a heavy rotation of club gigs, and festival appearances.

Their international debut was marked with the release of 'Lakeside' in November of 2007 which was distributed exclusively on vinyl in a limited edition of 500 10 inch rounds to the best record shops in the world leading to sessions in ElectricLady studios that resulted in the Mystery EP and due love given by Fader magazine.

Blk Jks are part of a highly anticipated roster for URB Alt's 2009 festival in Ghana.

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Many thanks to Boston Fielder for leading me to them.

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