Saturday, December 20, 2008

Review of The Cosmic Mind on Smai Tawi

From reviewer Divine Ruler Equality Allah:

"Khepera Ankh of the newly found Kemetic Yoga Association has produced a sincere and focused work called The Cosmic Mind: The Philosophy of the Seven Ancient Egyptian Mysteries of the Mind and Enlightenment. The author is a student of Sebai Ma'a aka Muata Ashby founder of Sema Institute and author of seminal work Egyptian Yoga the Philosophy of Enlightment.

This work attempts to show directly through instances of classical Nile Valley Culture and the suppositions of classical Hellenistic Hermeticism how the Nile Valley Culture is the direct progenitor of the later Hermeticism, not just through mythological comparison, but through actual transmission of tenets of the culture. It also attempts to illustrate how principles of Hermeticism in it's more ancient narrative can be used to improve the mental well being of the sincere aspirant.

This comparison was touched on before by such seminal authors as George G James in Stolen Legacy, but is more exhaustively explored in Ankh's book, in addition to incorporating a universalist form of Yoga or Sema perspective on the Nile Valley Philosophy itself.

Like other philosophers, Ankh identifies the Hermes Thrice Great figure of Hermeticism, Hermeticae, Kybalion and other literature, with the Neter/Netcher Djehuty of Nile/Hapy Valley Culture. He goes through the seven universally recognized key tenets of Hermeticism, namely 1. Mentalism 2. Correspondence 3. Vibration 4. Polarity 5 Rhythm 6. Cause and Effect and 7. Gender."

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