Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pharrell Partners with Bionic Yarn

In an applaudable green move, Pharrell has joined forces with Bionic Yarn, an NYC company that creates fabric that is soft enough as denim, and other textures, though it is made of recycled plastic (from plastic bottles--- Yay!). He's already used the fabric in BBC/Ice cream's Digi-Jack hoodie and plans to use it more, as well as expand its use outside of the business.

"We were just looking at this new canvas that is amazing. Basically, the denim is still denim, the cotton is still cotton. The process to make the Bionic Yarn makes it extremely durable and gives it a really luxurious feel. When my partners at BBC/Ice Cream felt the Bionic Yarn cotton, they couldn’t believe how smooth it feels," Pharrell states.

It's moment's like these that give me hope for the future. As a species we have the intelligence to undo the damage that blind industrialization has wreaked upon the planet. It helps a sistah to rest easy knowing how many people are at work raising awareness, and pacing the way for Green technology.

Grazi Woooha

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samax said...

it's very encouraging, because it plays into the consumer instinct... so it's likely to work!