Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cities Begin To Question Water Flouridation


Natural News Writes:

Grand Rapids, Mich. has become the most recent city to question the practice of fluoridating public water, as part of a growing tendency for local governments to question the use of many chemicals that formerly been taken for granted.

"I think this pattern has been growing because there is better environmental health research that draws connections between low levels of chemical exposure and changes in our bodies," said Dr. Howard Hu of the University of Michigan. "As the research has become more sophisticated, it shows that environmental toxicants can do other things beyond just kill you: they can stunt your growth, change behavior and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease."

Grand Rapids was the first city in the world to fluoride its public water supply, based on assurances from the government that the chemical reduces the risk of tooth decay while posing no serious risks. But based on a number of studies linking fluoride to problems with the thyroid, kidneys, central nervous system and skeletal system - including cancers - the city's director of environmental sustainability, Corky Overmyer, has ordered a new review of the scientific evidence concerning the risks and benefits of the chemical.

"This has been on my radar screen for a while," Overmyer said.

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Stuck in my head said...


That makes me wonder what other stuff is out there causing us harm that we used to think was good/better for our health.

PurpleZoe said...

Peace *_^

Thanks for coming through. It's good to connect again.
There is plenty of craziness in baby food, dairy products, and water to name just a few containing a main ingredient in rocket fuel.
Naturalnews.com is a good source for breaking developments in the fight against tyranny by poison, and Mercola.com sometimes has good information.

It can be something else to keep up with, but we have to be aware of the dangers so we can prepare ourselves and others by seeking and creating alternatives.

Shine on