Saturday, November 15, 2008

Milk Plus Does The Sound Body Good

Cementing their bond in an unemployment office where they awaited interviews for a job teaching music one hot summer's day, Butch La Rea and Robbie Pinna struck up conversation and began kicking around what they realized was musically kindred philosophy which praised the energy of 1950's rock music coupled with the f--- off D.I.Y attitude of the punk dimension.
Neither of them got the teaching job, but they did leave the unemployment office in the direction of a nearby pub, where high octane rock and roll was born to a duo of lovely monsters in our stereos.

"We've been doing this for a little while now & have wised up from previous perception of the "Music Business". We're not going to sign to just any label. We have a vision of excellence that we wish to achieve & whoever we end up with must have the same vision. The industry is in a lull at the moment but I believe that things will change shortly with the emergence of some great bands that we know & know of from the UK & the US. There are some really cool Afro- Punk outfits at the moment, it's a beautiful thing to witness."
-Butch La Rea

Milk Plus has attracted attention and offers from labels in Europe and the US as well as the merchandising world, but these purveyors of sonic blooms believe in the DIY ethos. There is no *sniffle* official EP at present, but they do offer a
an EP at live shows entitled 'Little Victories'.

Monsters In Your Stereo (Live):

Milk Plus Gets Their Grassroute on:

Upcoming events where you can get your Milk fix:

Legion 26th Nov London

12 Bar Club 28th Nov London

Purple Turtle 1st Dec

~~Their bliss dimension~~~*

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