Sunday, November 16, 2008

Crystalheads: on sight raising

The brothers and sisters at offer regular inspiration that can touch people of all faiths/creeds, because they focus on the spiritual principles and truths that are found in all religions/spiritual schools.

Enjoy a ray of their light posted recently:

Raising Your Sights

The planet Earth is much bigger than one person and it can’t fit inside of one room. There are experiences that won’t be seen in a neighborhood and a city is not big enough to contain every sight to be visioned. There is not a country that is capable of containing all of the culture and there are even things that exist outside of this world that we live in.

What does the above statement tell us? It says that life is bigger than one person and that there is always room for growth.

We all grow in some way, shape or form on a daily basis. Sometimes we grow outwards and expand our reach, but there are also times that we grow inwards and confine ourselves to mental prisons that we have created to contain us. We have the power to determine if we will limit our unlimited potential for growth, or if we will be actively proactive in embracing the things that life has to offer.

Many people say that the sky is the limit, but the sky has been surpassed because men have made it to the moon and beyond.

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