Thursday, November 27, 2008

The State of Gratitude

Gratitude day is a meatless/green alternative to the genocidal roots of Thanksgiving, that we've celebrated for 3 years now (Gratitude day can be celebrated on the 23, 24, thru the 27th, and also as an alternative to other holidays with questionable roots).
As part of Gratitude day we enjoyed a meatless feast that was rather fly, and lit a candle in honor of the Divine, our Ancestors, and the ones who came before us seeding the world with light in general. We gave tremendous thanks for the freedom fighters.

It's been a good day. Our household is very grateful for the honesty in our home, the sanctuary, and above all: the love.

In keeping with the Gratitude Day tradition of adding a page to the Gratitude book, Q and I have listed the following in ours:

"My gratitude journal consists of the things I like about gratitude day.
I like the fact that we don't eat meat. I like the fact that we honor our ancestry. I l like the prayer we make to our ancestors,and those that came before us.I would also desire to give thanks to my brothers and sister and, all others who have suffered oppression and segregation. I thank you all who have endured in the struggle. "

"In addition to my gratitude for creation and Divine guidance in general, I give deep thanks for the freedom fighters who have sacrificed their lives and freedom, and given an example that is an enduring inspiration which leads us to assume the master and warrior stance for the sanctuary of identity and community."

Shine your heartlight.

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