Friday, November 7, 2008

Rza Set To Remake The Last Dragon

I love Rza. I do, but I wasn't thrilled to hear that he's going to be remaking a classic that I consider to have already been done perfectly in its masterfully campy form.
In this era of extremely bad movies, I wonder if he will have the creative freedom to trump the influence of movie execs that are totally out of the loop where black culture, and even slang are concerned. And I just don't see why The Last Dragon would ever need to be remade.
Samuel Jackson is set to play the role of Sho-Nuff, which brightens my mood a bit hearing the news of Rza's venture, and I'm truly happy to hear that Rza intends to stay true to the original storyline, but am not sure how I feel about his intentions to add 'hip-hop' style to it, and I hope they will find the right Bruce Leroy.

A sistah is thinking loving thoughts that this version will pay proper homage to the original.

Props to Woooha

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