Monday, November 10, 2008

The Grassroute- Mumia, Rev Sharpton Demands Anti-Police brutality Obama stance,, Racist Gays, and A Marine Couple Tortured and Murdered

Mumia on Organizing power

and The new Black presidency
Art by Eric Drooker

"Kwame Ture used to say everytime he spoke to people, at least three times, "you must organize, organize, organize." I mean he would beat that drum until it was deeply embedded in consciousness. He understood that unless people understood how to organize and then did that, then there will be no change. And I'm not just talking about political change, I'm talking about real, social change. So, our people need to "organize, organize, organize".
-Mumia Abu Jamal

Reverend Sharpton Calls For Obama administration
to take strong stance against Police brutality

Reverend Sharpton called for justice on Saturday by making it clear the incoming attorney general for the Obama administration must make investigating police brutality a top priority. He noted cases that have led to convictions (Abner Louima, and Rodney King) as well as recent cases that have not for Sean Bell and Amadou Diallo.

"We must bring the case of Sean Bell and other cases that haven’t been handled well in the states to the federal level. We want a society where the police are not above the law."

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Props to Coop for the heads up about Obama's website.
I agree with Liberator Magazine, that the website is a sign that the grassroots organizing seen in Obama's campaign website which collected contact information from supporters, will continue to be a governing tool.
Community Organizing 2.0 indeed. I hope to be able to applaud Obama's administration for true integrity and progressive change that benefits the common folk. Time will tell what we can expect.

Racist Gays?

A group of white gays used racial slurs against Black Gays to express their anger with the successful implementation of Proposition 8, which now bans gay marriage in California, despite the fact that the black population in California is not large enough to act with majority power in a vote.

Dark Rose commented:

People, it’s basic math:

The poll was 2,240 people.

10% of the voters were black (as compared to 6.7%, which is the total black population of the state)

70% of black voters polled said they voted yes

Rounding up, that’s a grand total of 157 people.

Are you really going to tell me that based on a 157 people, black voters are why Prop 8 passed?

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IMPEACH BUSH now before he pardons himself

The Pen advises now is the time to raise your voice,
or there may not be any accountability ever for the war crimes
and other assaults on the constitution and freedoms this
country claims to stand for, by the wicked hands in the Bush administration.

Take Action:

Marines kill fellow Marine Sgt. and his wife

Marine Sgt. Jan Pawel Pietrzak and his new wife Quiana Jenkins-Pietrzak were found tortured, bound, gagged and shot in the backs of their heads. Four marines are implicated in the torture-murders which included a brutalizing of Quiana. Two of the Marines were under Sgt. Pietrak's command.

"All four said that 26-year-old Jenkins-Pietrzak was sexually assaulted, but each suspect said the other three did it. Lance Cpl. Kesaun Sykes, 21, reportedly confessed to cutting off her clothes. A fire was set in the home, apparently to destroy evidence of the crime. "
-ABC News

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