Saturday, November 1, 2008

Embracing Silence

Our capacity for stillness has been challenged by a society that demands movement, often of a frantic variation which depletes us with its lack of meaning.
It's been said the ancestor to each action is thought. Without meaning, the thoughts that compel us to move are often fear based, coming from the will of others who have likely deluded themselves into thinking that they are benefiting from tricking the masses into running in circles on invisible hamster wheels.
The truth of the matter is that meaningless action serves no one and negatively affects everything and everyone in the conscious collective. Without taking time to connect with ourselves, and indeed the source of life from which we emerge, silence and stillness in peace can be difficult to perceive and return to in moments of stress. We must find our anchor in the peaceful centering of being. From this the inspiration that leads to meaningful movement emerges, because meaningful movement has true direction.

Reacquaint yourself with the peace at your core. Chanting the monthly affirmation can help you get into a relaxed state, as in relaxation pain and hopelessness dissolve. Visualizing and even pleasant daydreaming can bring you into a harmonious rhythm. From inner harmony, a life of grace emerges, and our movements become blessings to the Earth that bear a most luxurious fruit.

Monthly affirmation:
Everything is at peace within and around me.

Dr. Wayne Dyer:

Monthly Totem:

A powerful protector and totem of feminine mystery, Panther alerts you that a new path is opening up in your life that will bring with it a teacher or mentor, if one has not already arrived. Linked to Prophets and intuition in general, Panther influenced people have keen insight and ability to see beyond the veils of illusion.
Panther can control each of its over 500 muscles individually, displaying its ease of control and ability to wield its power efficiently. Known to take down those 3 or 4 times its size, Panther is a totem of courage and determination.
It is said true power is handled responsibly and leaders such as Matahtma Ghandi demonstrate an individual who acted with the responsibility of a Panther totem's power. Misuse of power results if fairly severe karmic retribution.
Panther is a silent hunter with adept timing, both qualities that come with centeredness and the ability to be still. Heightened awareness and the skill of survival are notable characteristics in one influenced by the Panther totem, whose lesson is: reclaiming power responsibly and in doing so transforming into the special and magnificent being the Divine Source intended.

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