Saturday, February 7, 2009

KRS - 'If we follow the constitution at least we won't be hit so hard by the global agenda'

"If my president frees Mumia Abu Jamal, maybe my eye will go up.
If my president frees political prisoners maybe my eye will go up. If my president can stop ignoring police misconduct, maybe my eye will go up. If Barack is true to the people, there will be some opposition.'

"Even Death respects purpose. That's why I'm still here. They can't do nothin' to a purpose who stands with the truth"

'A politician is a politician. If I could say one thing to all the people of the US, it is this, America has broken its own rules.Its times for the citizenry of the US to follow its own laws. If we follow the constitution at least we won't be hit so hard by the global agenda."

PZ says:
I disagree on the point that discourages calling Obama Black, Biracial, triple racial or not, all of our people, Ancestors, and current, have faced racism for the brownness of their skin. I do not feel its a disrespect to his Mother to call him Black, anymore than I consider it is a disrespect to my Canadian Mother to call myself Black. The Black experience is the Black experience. It's what I've lived. It's what Barack has lived, albeit from a different economic level. Black is a political term in all reality.
If you're brown, the Black experience is yours from birth. Aside from this KRS gets extreme props. I agree with his sentiments. It will be beautiful if Obama proves himself to be a revolutionary who brings true change, but I voted for Cynthia because her track record backed up an agenda for change. Don't be blinded. Keep your eyes open. Change is a buzz word that has alot of us starry eyed. Let's really look at what's happening, and be prepared for more establishment politics. If we're pleasantly surprised by a true change for the better, that will be excellent, and I'll be the first to applaud.

Props to Liberator Mag.


samax said...

i voted for obama, but i am concerned that a lot of his supporters feel that voting is their only responsibility as citizens.

all citizens need to be activists on some level, and engage the political process.

PurpleZoe said...

Indeed, Samax. 'The People' need to be active in the process of being involved in government. Not much to complain about if we're doing nothing to influence the policies.

Shine on