Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Why we heart Jillmatic

Exhibit A: Jill's starlit words

gypsy woman

traveling through worlds
her old heart in a knapsack
bleeding through the cloth


his devil-red drink

she mistook for elixir
gulped too hard and choked


tis autumn mourning
and winter is in my eyes
killing sensations

butterfly kiss

black lashes flutter

as our pretty faces touch
and our lips hunger

far beyond reverie

reality shatters

the perfect thought of
loving you
you are shards of bliss
in a sea of broken glass daydreams
and i love the way
you gleam in my mind
i’ve been elusive
to everyone
and everything
except you
can’t get enough of
fading into you
and your awesome soulscape
with its elastic moments
where i can speak easy
and breathe freely
listening to/
the gem of
your soul
and surely
i feel…
precious tingles
salving my dormant pulse
with electric bolts of
flowing through me
like crimson wildfire
when you say my name
see, baby
you are the muse
for all this forbidden word wizardry
i bump portishead instrumentals
and form sweet haiku
in my romantic mind
lost in la la love land
stealing trickles of time
envisioning you and i
centuries away
from this shallow world
and its wickedness
sitting on the highest hill
staring up at the sky
a galaxy of sparkly hope
gazing back at us
inducting us as stars
with the same
crazy sweet connection
and surely
i wanna take you with me
to this place in my mind
show you poetry personified
marvel over cosmic metaphors all night
but we may find
all we need to see
and all we need to know
all we need to understand
in one constellation
shaped like a
a bird

Other works of pure genius:


and well... She is a genius, so follow her trail of stardust.
She is cunning, but if your heart is pure she may allude to
the locations of the local rainbows, mushroom motels, and
dreamdust reserved for the pure and sublimely clever.

Exhibit B: flickr.com/pyxeldust


jilly said...

you are sooooo sweet. thank you for this, mama. seriously. you are too thoughtful and kind, and you have mad love from me. miss you, sunshine.

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Dahling ^_^

You are hearted and deserve mad shine.