Thursday, February 12, 2009

Review: In my mind

Adonya Wong, founder of M.O.C.H.A (Mothers of Color for Holistic alternatives), has written a book that highlights the extraordinary perspective of the Autistic child. Her book, In my mind, takes us on a journey through the mind of an autistic child of color, who may appear on the outside to be thinking or intending one thing, but in reality possesses an interior world beyond our comprehension.

From the beginning of the tale, there's a substantial tugging at the heart as Adonya conveys, through a whimsical but powerful journey into interior potentials, just how little the average person grasps about the potential and expansive perspective of autistic youth.

Most remarkable about this book though is the story's ultimate message to the readers, which upholds one crucial truth: We know very little about the interior worlds of other individuals, and under-serve one another by placing restrictions upon each other with limiting judgments. This applies to children and adults who are considered challenged, unusual in some way, and even those we think we know so well.

Adonya Wong's book offers you a very positive way to promote expansive thinking, celebration of diversity, and tolerance of the unknown through your child's personal library.

Visit Adonya Wong to learn more about M.O.C.H.A and her writings here:

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