Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Monthly Mass Meditation

Join us today in Mass Meditation that focuses on a world where everyone's basic need resources are met, and peace prevails. You can positively visualize, chant positive affirmations, or feel the intention of peace.
At least 15 minutes of your time will make a difference.

Monthly Affirmation:
I am powerful in my beingness.

Too often we don't exercise our power due to an unconscious fear of being somehow inadequate, or because we harbor distrust of self. But power in one's beingness, rather than power- over-another, is the appropriate placement for power expression, because it is then rooted in truth rather than need and need's mutated-spawn greed. Trust yourself to be exactly what you are meant to be and who you are meant to be right now. Everything happens for a reason. Everyone is here for a purpose.

Monthly Totem:
Totem stone: Amethyst (for enchancing mental strength, stability, and vigor)

This month's totem is not Eagle as a gesture of patriotism to be clear. It is offered in tandem with this month's affirmation focus for power in beingness.

"Eagle shows us that people with high ideals need to be able to spread their wings so they can reach for the stars. Eagle brings the gift of clarity of vision. As long as we follow our intuition we will be heading in the right direction."
- animaltotem.com

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