Thursday, February 12, 2009

The List: They are Many

There are so many talented artists locatable via online dimensions that I want to give proper shine to in the underground and Purple Mag. It just won't do not to share names and links of some of the flyest alternative veterans and budding geniuses.
The solution seemed obvious to me recently, as I wracked the crown trying to figure out how to get ample coverage to the many acts and artists of various mediums out there, without losing vital time to eat or sleep. The following list and blog series (links to blog series posts will be added to this master list as they appear): 'They are many' is the solution.
It allows me to say a few words, include a link, pic, and possibly a few vids in an effort to compile the indie lovelies you may well swoon for if you are only made aware they exist *_^

The artists aren't listed in a particular order, as they are beautiful, talented and all bringing something to the table that the community needs, craves, and blooms to.

Enjoy, and as always feel free to extend your suggestions: purplemag at

We present to you Indie Earthtoned Majesty:


Dead sexy, smoothed out angsty sweets
for all the alt girls and boys.

warning: Colorful lyrics- Not for the
little ones in the room.

Milk Plus

Sonic nutrition for bad a--es
who enjoy monsters in their


Electro-pixie MILLS gives new
meaning to the term 'alt'.
Hypnotic chords, smooth matter-of-fact
slinky phrasing, and luxurious
vocal lace make for a transfixing
experience into the other black


Otherworldly heights,
channeling of mighty depths,
and smoothed out vibes said
to be 'for the ladies'


AuntKeke sticks to your thoughts,
dusting off neglected brain cells,
replaying infectious melodies that resonate
with the warrior punkette in your heart with
its brow raised, and a question poised for
the mainstream, waiting to saunter
from sumptuous lips.


Fierce, original post-punk

Brig Feltus

The Butterfly Queen
sipping plum wine
while mainstreamers
observe her steez
and take notes.


Kings of sinewy bass-lines
rooted in the soil of
rock's regal masters

The Thirst

Fierce dreamstring strumming,
sweatdripping afropunk.

Nikki Lynette

The sonic blooms are fly,
and Miss Lynette's pen
is on point:


Mellow punk kitten mews,
and sharp beats in a time machine
parked in the alt 80's.

Eden Rox

Feisty, AfroPopPunk.

PZ says:
Most assuredly more to come (eventually this will be a master list for extremely easy searching as it is much needed for the locating of indie phenoms). Give a sistah a moment to compile them.

Part Deux & Trois will likely include the following (pardon the delay, a sistah has to get back to editing the final draft of an expanded Motherland faerietale due in a week or so):

Honeychild Coleman
Imani Uzuri
Lightspeed Champion
OMG (Clever and lush)
Trezure the Empress (Alt sexy)
Dwarfstarr (Legendary)
Amanda Ray
Corinne Stevie
The Smyrk
The Eternals
California King
Chewing Pics (transcendental, melancholy, otherworldly)
Sterling (We listen to her on the reg-u-lar)
Shinobi Ninja

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