Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Danny's Formidably Witlaced Soundtrack

Pleaaaaase forgive us the delay posting this review. Never been as busy as this past summer.

We've made a conscious decision to post reviews only for albums that we feel break the mold and/or move the spirit adeptly. Danny's recent effort 'And I Love HER' more than meets these requirements, forged of the stock from which classic material emerges. With angst, wit, and a perseverance that connects his audience with his plight and realness, if you will, he's delivered a concept album that outdoes anything I have heard from him previously.

If this is his last effort, he has poured all of his lyrical and musical might into its smoky, deliciously jazzed out and bass heavy dimension. With a nod to conscious hiphoppers of yesteryear who sought out beats that rebirthed a hybrid of hiphop, jazz and R&B, Danny! has infused his CD with musical elements that even include the sensual influence of Boss Nova.

The snippets are hilarious (displaying the ignorance of opportunists, the flat attempts of usurpers, communication challenges in relationships with the wounded) and Danny Swain proves himself a lyrical boxcutter once again.

'And I love her...' is easily an indie classic.

Continue to shine Monsieur Swain. Continue to shine.

Extremely Fly Tracks on an
Altogether Fabulous effort:

Guess Who's Back
Do You
Never Change
I W.A.N.T Her
Not the one

and really, they're all dope.

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