Monday, September 29, 2008

The Soy Cheddar Block is a Winner


I have tried this soy block a second time, and find that it tasted exactly like mild cheddar the first time when in a sandwich, but not so much alone. It worked well in baked mac and cheese though despite the low melt factor (More on this later *_^).

So I've search fermented vegan cheese, and found this:

They make real cultured cheese from nuts.
Most say it's a winner.
I intend test this and share my findings with you later.

Galaxy foods has done Veddy Veddy good.

Their Soy Cheddar Cheese block gets a post of its own for being one of the best options out there for vegan cheese lovers. It tastes like mild regular cheddar, but no animals were tortured for it.
I will let you know if it melts well enough for my baked mac and cheese plans.

Your local Wholefoods may carry it. Most grocers are open to suggestions, if you want to see it in your store, though. Be careful to ask for the Vegan version however, as it's the only one that is casein-free, and trust... the current rice cheeses are not something to do cartwheels about.

Soon to come: The celebratory results of recent experiments in the kitchen, which include successful homemade vegan cheese sauce, mayo, sour cream, whipped cream, and make-it-into-any cream just add proper seasonings cream.

There's more of course, incl. Vegan cheesecake *_^
Stay tuned.

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