Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thankyou for raising your voices.

The Supreme court has intervened and stayed the execution of Troy Davis.
This is a tears of joy moment. I am so thankful to Amnesty International and Villager for bringing this case to my attention. I'm thankful for the people who have raised their voices in solidarity agains tthis travesty of justice.

Here is what PrNewswire had to say about the Supreme Court's decision:

 ATLANTA, Sept. 23 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Amnesty International USA
(AIUSA) today welcomed the order from the Supreme Court of the United
States to stay the execution of Troy Anthony Davis hours before his
scheduled execution. The state of Georgia scheduled Davis' execution for
today, in effect circumventing the U.S. Supreme Court before it had time to
decide whether its justices would consider Davis' case.

"For reasons that are unfathomable, Chatham County officials seemed
doggedly determined to ram this execution through before justice could
fully run its course," said Larry Cox, executive director for AIUSA. "We
are grateful that the U.S. Supreme Court has shown the foresight to stay
the execution. We hope that it takes up the case and looks at it with fresh
eyes, marking the first time that evidence pointing to Davis' innocence
will have been heard in a court of law."

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I'm looking forward to hearing that the court has reviewed
the overwhelming proof of his innocence, and the announcement
of his freedom. He has been through enough.


C'BS ALife Allah said...

Incredible. It's times like this that I remember what power is out here in the blogsphere

PurpleZoe said...

Very empowering news.
Now to petition the Supreme court to hear his case. Liberator Magazine posted commentary from someone suggesting a letter drive. I'll post more details as I learn of them.

Shine on