Sunday, September 7, 2008

NY Oil Speaks To The 9 Elements

While you read this interview, you'll feel the anger seething from him over the current climate our culture. But, you'll also get that his anger comes from his heart. The heart of a man who wants better for his brothers and sisters. The heart of man who wants his fellow artists to take responsibility in a world that isn't perfect, and can't have everybody be perfect parents to their kids. But, most importantly, the heart of a man who may love his people more than they love themselves. There was a time in our society, that when you stepped out of line, you got checked for it. Not just to do it, but to teach and show love to your fellow man. NYOIL is ready to do the checking.

One of the more interesting things that the people may not know about you, is that back in the day, you were one half of the Staten Island duo, UMC's. So alot of people probable grew up on your music. Being one of the forefathers of Staten Island Hip Hop and with the success of the Wu-Tang Clan, why do you think that it's been a struggle for your borough to stay relevant?

Well you know it's bugged because at the end of the day, I think Staten Island Hip Hop is in its own way, more significant that a lot of these other boroughs. We account for a lot of what make the NYC swag what it is, because without UMC'S, without Wu-Tang, NYC is off-colored. Without King Just, Shyheim, GP Wu, Now Born Click.
But when you look at why they didn't see the success that they could have seen or why it didn't turn into a full-on movement as it could have been, well in the case of UMC'S, we were not equipped to do it. We were on Wild Pitch/EMI, which was a criminal label in the sense that they were just jerking the artists', they weren't in the position to facilitate success.
So, growth beyond that in terms of including other people wasn't really possible.
Now, when you look at Wu-Tang, you look at cats that had a great opportunity, not only did they have potential, they had promise and they were realizing that promise, but there was a lot of mismanagement...
-9 Elements

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