Tuesday, September 23, 2008

OKP reviews Blu and Mainframe's 'Johnson and Jonson'

In a time when rappers run through producers like yellow lights over the course of an album, L.A.’s underground wunderkind, Blu, appears to be the rare serial monogamist. He bared his soul over the textured warmth of Exile’s soulful soundscapes on their 2007 masterpiece, Below The Heavens, then opened ’08 with free wheeling energy over Ta’Raach’s minimalist boom-bap as one half of C.R.A.C. Knuckles. Rounding out his trilogy of single-producer collabs, Blu teams with up and coming tracksmith, Mainframe, for Johnson&Jonson, and the mission of this marriage seems to be showcasing Blu’s emceeing in its purest form. Over raw, sample heavy tracks, the much heralded lyricist flows like conversation after the last bottle of Boone’s Farm has been emptied, and the results will no doubt put a Pee Wee Herman smile on the face of many a hip-hop enthusiast.

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