Monday, September 15, 2008

URGENT ACTION: Keep Your Fists Raised

Despite the fact that the overwhelming proof of Troy Davis' innocence hasn't been heard in court, the Georgia board of paroles denied him clemency. There is little time. Our voices have to be loud and numerous to prevent this innocent man from being murdered by the state of Georgia.

There is word his lawyers are seeking to take this to Supreme Court, so please pray,meditate, creatively visualize and the like.

September 23 is not far off.

There is time to fight this,if we stand without procrastinating for even a second.

What has happened in this case comes from the two-faced U.S. legal system the black and latino community know so well. We cannot allow this innocent man to be put to death, anymore than we could allow 6 boys involved in a schoolyard fight inspired by racial hate slurs to serve near life sentences because they are black.

Please take a moment to add your voice to the outcry for our brother, Troy Davis:

Urge the board to reconsider clemency

Visit the website


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