Friday, October 31, 2008

Keep it Green and Creative on Hallow's Eve

A sistah is not a fan of the gore some like to attach to Hallow's Eve, but I can appreciate the opportunity to engage with the inner child, so long as one is keeping it green and creative.
Typically I avoid holiday blogging (instead celebrating alternative holidays that do not spit in the face of Native Americans or NatureLovers (a.k.a Pagans) whose celebrations were jacked, whitewashed and given new names... ahem: Pagan Yule trees are now acceptable in the mainstream as long as the true root of the tradition isn't revealed...), because most holidays have very corrupt, bloody, usurped roots steeped in the terrorism of colonization.
Hallow's Eve has it's bright side however, and I've decided to relent and extend a post of interesting underground fabulousness for your shapeshifting and sugar-mongering pleasure opting to celebrate the inner child and the ancestors rather than the ghoulishness *_^

Visit the flyness that is Brittany of for cosmetic shapeshifting inspiration:

Keep your candy Green Fair Trade and Non- GMO:

Green was inspired by out-of-box treat bestowers who gave stickers and non-candy items in the stead of the usual sugar laden options:

Reusable bags, Eco-friendly treats, and DIY costumes can make Greenoween a creative and healthy tradition:

Help Eradicate GMO's, as well Non-Fair Trade Chocolate and Sugar, this Greenoween by disavowing GMO candy and products created with Slave Labor that is often put on the backs of children.
Dr. Group says of GMO, Non-Fairtrade candy:

"Consuming this candy bar may cause cancer - contains sugar from genetically engineered beets, cocoa harvested by child slaves, and harmful pesticides and fungicides."

Think about it.
Our dollars make a difference. Support healthy, cruelty free products. It makes for very smart and seriously powerful activism.

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