Sunday, June 7, 2009

Indiefied: The Rejeks

Singaporean Punk band 'The Rejeks' weave a sound reminiscent of not-cold-enough hallway water fountains, mustard yellow peel-painted lockers with wavy gill-like vents, boomboxes (yes, boomboxes), adidas with the tongues out, black frame glasses sans the nose guard, and grey-black denims.

They are appreciated.


Visit their online realm here: The Rejeks At ReverbNation

Somewhat related note: Artists should probably take the lead of 'The Rejeks' and get Reverbnation pages. The embeddable track feature goes over very well with blogposts.

Props to Kaos Blac for the intel.

1 comment:

Haqim Isa said...

hello rejeks here. didnt know u wrote abt us. thanks a lot. we really appreciate it.
drop me an email