Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Out-of-box Celebratory Issue has arrived ^_^

Please enjoy the boxless delights of URB ALT community members, affectionately called URB ALtians in an extra issue extended to our readers for the 2009 schedule. Bright lights such as Rob Fields, Melvin Gibbs, Ed Marshall, Fresh Nancy, and Dwayne White (to name only a few) lent their wisdoms, arts and stardust to the pages of this issue that celebrates the alternative mind and the URB ALT community nurturing out-of-box thinking.

Click the image to download a complimentary copy, or acquire a print issue.

Keep an eye out for future celebratory issues celebrating out-of-box and alternative wise dome's, as well as our Fall issue in October *_^

Remember to check the URB ALT fest if you'll be in the NYC area on June 20, 24, 26, and 27.

More intel is available at the UrbAlt ning, and also through via the flyer below (click to visit).

Abandon your boxes.

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