Sunday, June 7, 2009

Meanwhile in the Twitterverse


thinks the #secretkittysociety ( is off having a meeting. They left the ornery one out again though.
It occurred to me the other day that I think I've finally figured myself out. More on this later. #selfanalysis #tookaleftofftheroadtodenial @BrianKurtz Wishing we had a Carl's Jr on the East Coast. #Vegan #MushroomBurgerMy mind doesn't seem to get tired, but I would like to go to sleep now please. #insomnia?Via @SAFARI_BLACK R.I.P OSCAR GRANT -X- SEAL BELL ..FREE TROY DAVIS - --- Respect. #TroyDavis #OscarGrant #SeanBellVia @AlissaFereday Spend a little more time thinking about what you WANT & a little less time about what IS. ~ #Abraham #LOA #Dream@HerGrungeCake lol. All 2 the good.Things R decent on this end now that the not-humans upstairs put their jumping children 2 bed at 10:30 P.@astroMELANIN I've been craving Sun & meditation (like people in the desert crave water) since Neptune went Retrograde. #NeptuneRetrograde@astroMELANIN It truly is.Sat in the sun last Saturday, and I swear it healed patterns I've been working for awhile, in a matter of hours. can't wait to sit in the sun again. #Solarmisses Mulberries. There aren't any Mulberry trees in the area :( #vegan #mulberries@guerillamilk It's dope.Via @SaulWilliams But is there anythng mre imprtnt thn love (sunlight)&the imagination(water). (Funkadlic: 'How do u view u?'_currnt sndtrk)@alice_wonder I'm making a serious effort to make it out.We missed Ecbacc and will miss URB ALT this year.Can't miss #Afropunk 09 (cont'd)is hyped coinage should be correct in time for Afropunk fest! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #Afropunk #Blackrock #theotherblackexperienceVia @colieoliepolie RT @amirsulaiman: they can martyr me or pardon me/it doesn't matter because I am not matter. #beautifulfists #NeptuneRetrograde is definitely affecting #dream activity.R.I.P David Carradine. [I know I didn't hear about David Carradine passing until now, but he was sure in a fighting dream I had last nite.] Mark yr calendars 4 via @SaulWilliams & @janellemonae on July 6 in BKNY at festival. We'll be thr! via @TheVanguard@HerGrungeCake Peace Her Grungeness ^_^ *bows*
is having a difficult time liking Unsulphured BlackStrap Molasses. Anyone know how to consume it w/a smile? #vegan #Nutrients
Via @Dr_DinaSadik Don't plant seeds of Cacti and expect Apples to grow. Be aware of what you cultivate.@VeganInLA It has different aspirations than its makers had in mind *_^ #Dreambig lol.Reopen the Troy Davis case via @Villager #TroyDavis

@zynzelay lol. I can relate. Twitter is the one social network I don't stay away from for long. The others are usually severely neglected.

RT @ghettoManga @PurpleZoe if you don't Mind, it doesn't Matter LOL! [Truth]

Mind over matter.

Love them: #EarlGreyhound #Boldaslove #BlackRock #Indie

<3's> Follow Miss Kennebrew @junkprints #purplemag #indie

RT @CoachBilal RT @ShaundrieRT @trem13: @shaundrie ham is also used as h.a.m {hot azz mess} <--- true <---Stay Pork Free!!!!!!!!!! :-) #lol

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