Friday, June 12, 2009


Update: Participators can visit to keep an eye on the #maafa (enter this hashtag as the 'room') tweets or you can enter #maafa in your Twitter 'search

note: We can tweet #maafa in honor of the ancestors all day but are hoping to raise major awareness between 1 and 3 P if you're available to tweet during at least that time.

We're seeking to get the #Maafa hashtag in Twitter trending topics in time for the annual Ocean ritual that honors the middle passage of our African Ancestors. Please take a moment to utilize the hashtag hopefully in conjunction with this link that details more information about how it started with Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn: New York Times article on the #Maafa Ritual

This is precious information for our community. It has been taking place annually for years. How many know about it? More than that number need to know.

Your #solidarity is much appreciated. For those interested and able, the ocean ritual is held annually the second week of June. This year it takes place on June 13th. Contact Medgar Evers College for more info about coming years. This year an event is taking place here: 2-6pm FREE,all-day,live Juneteenth celebration. Performers, vendors and more. Marcus Garvey Park, Harlem.

We're tweeting #Maafa (You can include this post link if you like or the direct link to the NY times article above to raise awareness) between 1 and 3 PM on Saturday June 13. Our community needs to know about this important annual practice.

Props to @DiggsWayne for the intel.


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