Thursday, June 4, 2009

Indiefied: Lana Futura, Frida Kamau-Hawthorn, GoldiGold, Aisk

There's a world of visual gurus of color bringing incredible works to the art scene that you may or may not be aware of. We've dropped intel on some of them in the past, but there are many more we haven't covered. Enjoy a peek at a few of these amazing talents below.

Katharina Pretl
's fashion-forward Lana Futura watercolor femmes, like otherworld mannekins impress themselves upon the minds of viewers with their incredibly unique form and celebration of color. We first happened upon her work via a rendering of Supaluva Shania D in Summer '07. Since then her work has continued in its abundant dance of color.

Frida Kamau-Hawthorn 's work carries a haunting, classic presence. If you followed the now under-nurtured [PZ] Stumbleupon you may have caught her work in the reviews section. Despite several searches I still haven't been able to locate a dedicated website for Lady Kamau-Hawthorn.

Thx to Ahnka we have Frida's site link here.

GoldiGold 's work has an electric quality. The colors, and forms he uses to render his subjects balances fine art and comic rendering with an edge. The founder of the beloved Jungle45 teeshirt company, and JungleJem magazine, Sir Gold is a fantastically talented and seriously productive guru of the visual realms.

Aisk 's command of graffiti-meets-urban kawaii spreads its digital canvas wings in both monochromatic and vibrant hue saturation.

Props to Blank Bare Clean for the intel on Aisk1

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