Monday, June 1, 2009


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It's my great pleasure to announce, in 30 days we'll be moving into an apartment building where sane people reside: D Thankyou to everyone who extended well-wishes and/or donated to the moving fund. Your support is treasured more than you know. It helps to know wishing for a peaceful home is generally a supported notion by fellow balanced people *_^

I know a sistah's blogging has slowed some, but this should improve when things return to a state of reasonable balance on this end (e.g just this weekend the not-humans who live on the 2nd floor were outside trying to bash one another's heads into the side of a truck... No Exaggeration. They're more than a little distracting, and the teenager and I are trying to spend more time at the park and out of the house for the time being).

Thank God for earplugs when we do have to be here.

Shine your lights bright, Greenies.
Goodies are en route. Soon come.


Anonymous said...

i didn't even know about your current living situation. well, it's a good thing that you'll moving to a sweeter (and saner) space :-).

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Queen *_^

Thx. We're definitely looking forward to moving out. These people moved into the building last Fall (I've lived here since 2005--- never had a problem like this in the building 'til the landlord lowered his standards to make ends meet...).
Since moving in they've been spoken to 15 times about their behavior (starting 2 weeks in) ... They're still ig'nant.

This experience has been one to grow on. It takes all kinds on this plane of existence apparently. Unfortunate there are kids on the second floor being exposed to that level of imbalance though. Hopefully children's services will make a difference.

The new spot looks very promising :D

Trust a sistah will be meditating, burning the incense, and etc to program the new spot with higher vibes *_^

Shine bright
-PZ said...

Hey there!

Glad to hear that you are moving and that things are going in the direction that you had hoped!!

Looking forward to seeing you in the comment section at my spot in the future!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!