Monday, June 8, 2009

Liberated Muse Anthology: How I Freed My Soul*QwFHFssmxEuZl-BDpciIqYQL7rlw-l10rzS*/banner.gif?width=468&height=60&xn_auth=no&type=gif

Details are forthcoming at LiberatedMuse for their Anthology's purchase intel.
Check the site for updates.

In the interim enjoy a mashup of some of the liberating perspectives you'll find in the anthology, which include that of blessed pen-wielding Black Sci-fi writer Valjeanne Jeffers (author of Immortal).


Blogger said...

Thanks for love, Zoe. For fans of Valijeane Jeffers, check out her sequel to Immortal which can be found on here:

I'm reading it now!

Blogger said...

The book is now available for purchase at