Sunday, June 21, 2009

#Loa is basically love-beaming


I've noticed in recent hours [because the 'feeling-place message relayed by Esther Hicks and The Secret finally gave me a needed aha! moment] that manifesting or intentional attraction are all about the feelings you surround your desired outcome in.

This is crucial. It's been said before of course, and the first #loa book I ever read was Shakti Gawain's Creative Visualization when I was 14 [this was sometime ago about 19 years], but it took a while to really take hold of my understanding.

I was in that somewhat asleep- mostly waking place last night thinking of some issues that have been of concern to me (a.k.a the move coming up, etc) and decided I wouldn't give anymore worry energy to it. Period. From that point in a very natural progression I thought of 'the move' issues and [rather effortlessly and of a sudden] felt an intentional joyous happiness. That's when it clicked.

All of this time [ I've had some success with #loa but have been pretty self-denying by nature so have asked for little...] I've thought I had to have the 'perfect' visualization/feeling place to match the desired outcome every time I worked with #loa. It's silly and more involved than it needs to be. It caused me to procrastinate my #loa sessions for a time when I could 'picture' things more clearly, but We don't all picture things. I learned this when I was studying for my Hypnotherapy certification. We're not all visualizers. Right-brain people tend to visualize easily, but left-brain types 'need to pretend' rather than actually 'see', to work with their imaginations. Different methods can bring successful outcomes.

The bottomline is very very simple and incredibly effective.
The two hemispheres of the brain (a.k.a sun and moon, masculine and feminine, left and right brain) need to work together for us to be our complete selves and function as we're able to. Operating out of only one hemisphere gives us a fragmented experienced.
By combining good feeling (right brain) with desired outcome thought schematic/planning (left brain), we achieve manifestation.

We've become so conditioned to being at the mercy of our reactions it seems impossible to create a feeling-place at will, but it's completely possible. You can tune into your inner happiness on command and then surround your desired object with it in your #loa practice.
Try it.

note: (The #loa hashtag can be searched for via, (hashtag search),, or if you must, the Twensoring (They do censor arbritrarily y'all) Twitter platform).

Props and Magnanimous thanks to The Creator (The Universe/Source/'Insert your preferred name for God here' --- We're Interfaith 'round these parts so chill with the evangelism in the comments... God is in everything. Some call God Chi (lifeforce)... Follow your heart. Love is stronger than any fear.) for the intel.

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