Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Average Betty cracks me up

Hilarious AND educational.

Make the recipe vegetarian friendly by substituting with soy protein to keep your dishes free of meat products.



Anonymous said...

lol!!! Nice post PurpleZoe.

Hilarious but real rap.

You jus' inspired an idea for an inspirational vegetarian/fruitarian cookbook with real life experience about what inspired people to be vegetarian, vegan, or frutarian, and some of their favorite recipes that would be suitable for carnivores as well.

Like you said, "Make the recipe vegetarian friendly by substituting with soy protein instead of animal flesh."

I mean I don't know about everyone else but I know for me it's been kind of awkward when invited to some one's house for diner and the "I'm basically a frutarian or vegan covo comes up....feel me?"

Dreams Are Real and Inspirations Jus' A Breath Away!!!

~Life :: Livin" Inspiration For Everyone

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Life ^_^

It's so achievable to eat dishes without meat in this age of soy technologies.
I try not to be a condemner of carnivores, but the reality is it's not only inhumane, knowing what the animals go through (ie. Mother cows have been known to cry until their throats bleed when their babies are taken...and calves know a life of living in a box sometimes upside down to make veal tender...That's a sickness in society for real), it's also seriously unhealthy and the body doesn't digest meat really well so it may sit in your body sapping your energy with heavy murder energy for weeks... Every energy has a signature.
We are what we eat. If you're eating cow, and this is what they do to cow what will they do to you as you behave in a docile fashion?

That vegetarian, vegan cookbook is a fabulous idea. Let me know, and I'll help promote it.


Average Betty said...

Hey PurpleZoe! Thanks for the love. I'm always thinking about the vegetarians and vegans, but the short-format does not allow time for a lot of info including instructions on veg-friendly substitutions. You have inspired me to re-think this, and for starters I will include some tips in the recipe on my website. If you have any veg-substitutions I can post for past recipes, or any new recipe ideas, I'd love to hear em! xo,Betty

PurpleZoe said...

Hey Average Betty! What a pleasant surprise ^_^
Your show is fabulous.
I'm glad I could expose it and offer something of potential use also.

Thanks for stopping through!