Sunday, June 24, 2007

Qee's for charity

Bidding starts at 3500.00 on ebay for this Moncler Qee, the proceeds of which will be put to use in the research of Muscular Dystrophy.


Anonymous said...


This is my first time seeing this Quee Bear...HOTT!!!

Not really familar with the Muscular Dystrophy charity but that's cool they making it a worthy effort.

I wouldn't mind paying the heafty price tag on this one....hmmmmm....

I gotta go make some more money now...I'M CLAIMIN' THIS!!! Good lookin' out for puttin' me d' on this.

Dreams Are Real and Inspirations' Jus' A Breath Away!!!

~LIFE :: Livin' Inspriration For Everyone

PurpleZoe said...


Do your thing Life.
You know that what you make manifest with intention will end up in your hands Brother Samadhi.
They did do a nice job with this one.