Saturday, June 30, 2007

You can too make soap with out lye.

Most soapmakers will insist you can't make soap without lye. I used to get that irritated feeling I've had since I was a child, that told me it wasn't true and was some kind of soaper propaganda, everytime I heard that..

While it is difficult to get a bar of soap to trace with just cocoa butter, overtime it can be done.
Contrary to popular belief natives always kept clean, in fact Europeans learned about soap when they visited the Moors who were people of color 'See book: The Moors in Spain or a comic by Neil Gaiman who is honest about his European history').
Native peoples have kept clean a number of natural ways that didn't require animal butchering...

Enter the plant Yucca (also known as Cassava).
The roots of this plant can be opened and it's contents contain saponins that create suds and clean, once added to water. It is also used as a foaming agent in rootbeer.
It's a cough medicine, diuretic, arthritis soother, and skin irritant poultice, as some of its known uses.

So next time some one says 'Never' you can be sure that doing your own research is in order...

There are plenty of plants that contain saponins, including witch hazel which is a natural deodorant among many other things.
The Creator already thought of that, sorry man.
God provides y'all, no matter your religion, the truth is, we have been provided by divinity with all we need in the natural world...



Anonymous said...

WOW!!! This is def news I can use. Look at you guuuuurl....all botanical up in here. =]

I Googled this wonderful plant and discovered it has a gang of universal, soap, medical...etc...

I'll def have some of these growin around my dream home along with my Myrrh trees and Frankincense Tree (Boswellia sacra);]

Thanx for the education and inspiration PurpleZoe!!!

Dreams Are Real and Inspirations Jus' A Breath Away!!!


PurpleZoe said...

I'm literally into the grassroots way of life, so anything affecting free living and natural resource, from manifested material to the mentals peaks my interest.

Thanks for stopping through Brothah Life.