Monday, June 18, 2007

A word on Ms. Vazquez

Buttafly Vazquez

Buttafly Vazquez is already a legend.

Her voice will knock the brick and mortar out of the brownstones on your block.

She's the power of a thunderstorm, but gentler.

You'll appreciate her humility, considering the diva stature of her voice.

Her song Red Dress isn't on her profile anymore, which I am unhappy about but the new additions make up for it.

Anyone who is a regular of her Myspace page is familiar with the song 'Blue' which is destined to be a chart topper. It just stays in your head and replays. Beautiful.

You have to keep an eye on her Myspace page because the songs change a lot, and you might get attached to one only to have it come off and be replaced. Her EP should come out in the summer. Look for it!

She's real music.

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