Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Common's album is definitely getting purchased

Lovin' this.

Common, The Game
(Scratches courtesy of DJ Premier)


Anonymous said...

Fo' Sho'!!!

And I'm lovin you for postin' it!!!

This thang is HOTT!!! I'm inspired right now. *runs' around livin' room free stylin' and dancin'*

And Primo...WHAT!? Classic Material!!! Shooot I'mma 'bout to go write some rhymes....

PurpleZoe said...


I'm lovin' you back Brothah Life.
This joint is sizzlin'. I was inspired too.
I had a big a-- koolaid grin when I found this. Sometimes it pays to peep Youtube.
Honestly I never found Common sexy but there's some serious swagger going on in his aura right now. He's dropping flair all over the place.
As usual his lyrics and delivery are on point.

Your skills are rather nice also.
I'm gonna have to give your songs a more in-depth listen when I wrap some things up on this end.

You deserve several blog posts in the conscious blogosphere Life Samadhi.