Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ethiopia gets it's due from Starbucks...Finally

Got this in my email today from Oxfam America. I'm a very happy blogger...
Those who say our voices don't count are tripping and as a fellow blogger Emanuelle eloquently puts it in her blog...'using pessimism as an excuse...'
I have great news for you today. We’ve just received word that Starbucks and Ethiopia have finalized an agreement that ends their trademark dispute and brings both sides together in partnership to help Ethiopian farmers. This agreement has the potential to give these farmers a fair share of the profits for their world-renowned coffees, and it’s what Oxfam has been pushing for since November.

More than 96,000 of our supporters around the world helped make this happen. Your emails, faxes, phone calls, postcards, and even in-person visits to Starbucks added strength to the call of Ethiopian farmers and brought global attention to this issue.

Because of your actions, Ethiopian coffee farmers have chance at a better life. You should feel very proud.

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