Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Neptunes to aspiring producers...

Each one teach one.


Life Samadhi Avatari said...

This is a great post PurpleZoe!!!

I can really relate to the whole being learning to produce on small equipment and then expanding.

I started out making pause mix tapes and beats, waaaay back and messin' around on an old Radio Shack keyboard and acoustic guitar and once I got what I call the "Big Boy" equipment producing songs came so much more easier and natural.

Every who wants to be a producer...this is higly recommended quality info here!!!

Dreams Are Real and Inspiratiosn Jus' A Breath Away!!!

~LIFE :: Livin' Inspirations For Everyone

PurpleZoe said...


Thanks Life.
Judging from the music you offer on your site, the production skills are there.


note to readers:
Life's site is in the Lovelinks on the side bar of UltravioletUnderground.
It's a worthy stop on your internet travels.