Wednesday, June 27, 2007

You can help preserve homes for New Orleans residents, when you send an email and spread the word

Housing Emergency in NOLA

Thousands of families face homelessness on October 1, 2007

For Immediate Release

Contact: Soleil Rodrigue

(504) 717-7324 or

Endesha Juakali

(504) 239-2907 or




Members of Survivor s Village, residents of New Orleans and other
grassroots groups looking to solve the housing crisis facing the
city, plan to take action over the July 4th Holiday. We will be
demonstrating with a tent-city in Duncan Park, which is across the
street from City Hall.

HUD magnifies New Orleans housing crisis by ending DVP

NEW ORLEANS HUD is belatedly celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of

Displaced residents will likely not enjoy the gift possible
homelessness but their familiarity with the federal agency s
bureaucracy will explain gift s late arrival.

Letters announcing the upcoming end of the Disaster Voucher Program,
and encourage evacuees to seek out pre-storm housing options, were
sent out during the last several weeks. Scattered across the country,
these families will face potential homelessness as of October 1, 2007.

City/State/Federal officials doing nothing

Housing is a basic human right, which is not being met in this city.
Public housing units remain largely closed, rents are as much as 300
percent higher than pre-Katrina rates, homeowners still wait for the
nefarious Road Home program to pay so they can make their homes
livable, and insurance and utility costs are skyrocketing.

The Gulf Coast Hurricane Housing Recovery Act continues to be
railroaded by Louisiana Senators Mary Landrieu and David Vitter.

Ray Nagin, during his State of the City address, bemoaned his own
6-month wait to live in his home after the Storm. Maybe the Road Home
Program would have been better managed if C.Ray or either of the
Senators had been waiting in the year-long line for assistance.

It is time for the scores of Invisible Homeless those people
staying with family members, borrowing couches, crowding into a
friend s shotgun, moving from available space to available space to
be as visible as those folks sleeping under the I-10 at Claiborne

Bring the Housing Crisis to the Steps of City Hall

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