Sunday, June 24, 2007

Utilizing internet tutorials continues to become more and more user-friendly

It's truly amazing what you can find on the web these days. Seriously, pretty soon we'll be able to access information telepathically...I swear it's where we're headed.

For now though, if you need a recipe, to build or upgrade a pc, or acquire other categories of know-how you can find these things not only through sites like WikiHow,, or google for digital text instructions, most folks are providing everything you need via video.
There's really no excuse now when it comes to being able to increase your skillset with an internet ready pc at your disposal...or at a library in your community that allows you to view and listen to tutorials with headphones.

Sites to check for?,,,, to name a few...And if you're looking to edit your own tutorials.

My mission was to learn to install memory, and a dvd drive...
I found what I needed more quickly than I thought I would by searching for tutorials in text and then watching vid tutorials in youtube to visually cement what I'd learned in my previous reading.

We may have alot to clean up in this world, but one thing is for sure...The playing field is becoming more level everyday, and that is a beautiful thing.


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