Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Audiovisual Splendor- Fly Gypsy ft. Kuku production by Alexei Tendayi) - Liberated Muse


The Green party still has my vote (Go Cynthia and Rosa! Two sistahs who ain't playin' the game. Period). I love a candidate whose track record speaks for itself. The Green Party stands for reparations, women's rights, a green planet and the list goes on. I am however, in favor of any leader who possesses integrity (and as Farrakhan would say "The testicular fortitude" whether female or male) to stand for our rights.

Komplex gets nuff respect again for the following gem:

Anyway you slice it, it is time for hope to be realized. Feel it in the air.
Know it is manifesting. The days of corruption are coming to a close... Just be prepared for dirty folk to play dirty games as their window of opportunity closes permanently. It's temporal. Truth lasts. Keep your head up and stand up.

Shine on possessors of heartlights. Shine on *_^

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