Friday, October 3, 2008


So Heroes is back. Q and I got into the series this year, watching all of Season 1 and 2, in lieu of something to do with our leisure time. Previous to that I actually fell for a promotional site at one point thinking it was real, before watching the show and realizing it wasn't. Though the acting is cheesy, the action and plot twists are interesting enough (can't stand the way the last 10 seconds of a scene becomes the first ten seconds of the scene after commercial break though... it's rather irksome).
I hope however, that besides nibbling a bit off of X-men, they are coming up with characters creatively. The black character in their newly added webisodes (see has a 'talent' alot like Tau's in The Books of Zambarau- Maji -vol 3.
Probably just coincidence, but interesting how the collective consciousness works, nonetheless. For all we know, artisans may be channeling parallel dimensions, or having a hand in creating them. Some characters may simply be meant to make their archetypal imprint, through one medium or another.

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