Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nas 'Y'all My Ni----'

Peep the lyrics before rushing to judgment.
Despite the fact that I disagree with Nas' philosophy that all non-elite common folk are ni@@as (not one interested in hearing the word come out of the mouth of a European descendant or anyone who has not been assaulted with the word... though some decide they have the right to wield without considering how disrespectful it is to the ancestors who bore unimaginable oppression in the Jim Crow era, and agonizing torture in the chattel slavery system: a life sentence of enslavement from birth unparalleled in debasement by any slavery system before it; in previous systems slaves could buy their way out, marry out or 'do their time' so to speak being enslaved as punishment for a crime), I felt a swell of distinct pride listening to his words.

'Trying to erase me from y'all memory, too late I'm engraved in history.'


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