Sunday, October 12, 2008

Build a Solar Dehydrator

Regular dehydrators are decent, but they heat up the entire house more than you'd probably desire, and solar dehydrators are just so wonderfully green all year round.

Click the image for a lovely article on the subject. It's easier to make than you might think. Lord knows we need all the reminders we can get to keep the creative juices flowing, with the current 'Be A Zombie' propaganda in the form of media and chemically laden foods and "medicines" cast our way.

I'm on the hunt for a DIY Solar Oven tutorial as well. Stay Tuned.


ben said...

You can build a Fun-panel solar cooker in less than an hour from a cardboard box and a few metres of aluminium foil.

Tom Sponheim
Solar Cookers International

PurpleZoe said...

Thanks Ben!

This is fabulous news. I'll post on this very soon to share it with the audience, in case they don't see it in the comments.

~~~Shine on~~~~*