Friday, October 24, 2008

Lakeesha Alert: Tekenya Wooten of Durham NC


She's found and unharmed!
More details through this link:


Amber alerts don't seem to apply to children of color, so we're issuing a Lakeesha alert for 12 year old Tekenya Wooten, a girl-child who is 8 months pregnant, and somehow hasn't been considered High-Risk by the Durham Police department who hung up on Villager, when he called asking that Tekenya's case be raised to High Risk status, to fit the criteria for an Amber alert.

It is the same old song of segregated rights that crucial blogs like Deidra Robey's Black and Missing know so well. If we don't apply collective pressure for our children, and any in need in our communities, there is a strong likelihood no one will bat an eye in the way of assistance.

We are asking that you take action for Tekenya. Please blog this to raise awareness, Twitter it, and etc, but also email the "officials" of Durham NC, to express your desire that they show leadership and intent to find this child, who at 12 years of age should be in a safe place receiving prenatal care. The fact that she was in a group home when she was declared missing, and has been considered a runaway, is disturbing to say the least. Why would she runaway, if all was well in the group home, and how did such a young child become pregnant?

We MUST come together to ensure the safety of our children and communities.

The emails and phone numbers of the local officials and media are listed below along with a template letter you can base your email on if you wish. Please email, place a call or both. If you have media ties, please contact them. Let's apply the pressure needed to find Tekenya:

The News & Observer *
(919) 829-4500,
(Ask for the 'News Department')

(919) 821-8600
Fax: (919) 821-8541
Updated Alert from WRAL

Durham Police Department -
Chief Jose Lopez, Sr.
(919) 560-4322

Durham City Manager-
Thomas Bonfield
(919) 560-4222

Durham Child Protective Services
* Diane Pankey (919) 560-8424

William V. "Bill" Bell

Office of the Mayor
101 City Hall Plaza
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 560-4333 ext. 269
Fax: (919) 560-4801

Cora Cole-McFadden
City Council Member (Ward 1)
101 City Hall Plaza
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 560-4396 ext. 277 or 477-2484
Fax: (919) 560- 4801

Farad Ali
City Council Member (At-Large)
101 City Hall Plaza
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: 560-4396
Fax: 560-4801

Eugene A. Brown
City Council member (At-Large)
101 City Hall Plaza
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 560-4396 ext. 274
Fax: (919) 560-4801

Diane Catotti
City Council member (At-Large)
101 City Hall Plaza
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 560-4396 ext. 278
Fax: (919) 560-4801

Howard Clement, III
City Council member (Ward 2)

City Hall: 101 City Hall Plaza
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 560-4396
Fax: (919) 560-4801

Office: 411 W. Chapel Hill Street
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 682-5211
Fax: (919) 683-1694

Mike Woodard
City Council Member (Ward 3)
City Hall:
101 City Hall Plaza
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 560-4396 ext. 276
Fax: (919) 560-4801

Here is my letter to them:

I am writing to request information regarding the process by which the local police department has determined that the missing child Tekenya Wooten is considered a runaway rather than a HIGH RISK case. Tekenya Wooten is a 12 year old girl child who is 8 months pregnant. She requires prenatal care, especially considering how young she is to be carrying a child in her small body.

It is highly unlikely young Miss Wooten ran away unless there was a threat to her and/or her child, and if there is evidence of such threat it needs to be investigated to ensure her safety. If she was raped, it is possible there could be danger coming from her attacker, as she is so close to term. It is also possible that if her pregnancy is the result of a rape, her attacker may have abducted her.

Your community, and the international community at large need to know that missing children of any heritage are searched for tirelessly, with full intent to keep communities safe. This charge is the responsibility of local government first. Please send word on whether or not an official statement has been made on this matter, how the determination was come by, and take into consideration the will of community activists around the world taking interest in this case who are demanding Tekenya wooten be classified as HIGH RISK.

I am one of many making that demand.

Thankyou for your time.
I look forward to your response."

Afrosphere/International Community Organizers: You can adjust this letter and base a template off of it, if you wish, but please take action today.

This is a call to the Afrosphere and Community Organizers around the globe to do something immediately, for swift resolution that does not drag on indefinitely.

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